Message from the Principal

I would like to warmly welcome you to KAIS International School.

KAIS is a boutique international school located in central Tokyo, and is uniquely designed to give students an education that is international, personalized, and creative. We offer a curriculum that focuses on balancing academia, leadership skills, character-building, and self-discovery. The classroom experience at KAIS is intimate and hands-on. Maintaining a low student-teacher ratio allows us to give each pupil unparalleled care and attention.

Students are provided with their own MacBooks, and build technological competency through multi-term projects, creative digital expression, academic blogs, and information gathering. They undertake rigorous academic and creative classes, which prepare them for higher education at top international universities. Upon completion of our high school program, the majority of our students choose to attend 4-year universities in the United States, while others have progressed to the international universities in Japan or elsewhere. The dedication and extensive experience of our teachers, in addition to the diversity and leadership of the students, influences the high expectation and standard of education at KAIS International School. After school tutoring on campus, as well as many of our extra-curricular clubs and activities, further support student growth and development.

KAIS stands for "Knowledge, Academia, Inspiration, and Spirit", the four pillars in our world of learning. We believe that education is more than rote memorization and taking notes. I welcome you to come visit our school and see for yourself how engaging education can be. Welcome to the KAIS community.

Thomas House