High School

Annual Tuition Including 10% Tax (All Amounts in Japanese Yen)

Tuition ¥1,849,049
Registration Fee (one-time, payable upon acceptance) ¥350,000
Course Materials ¥534,284
Building Maintenance ¥200,000
School Trip Fee & Event Fee ¥96,800
Total Due – First Year ¥3,030,133
Payment Structure

Invoices will be mailed one month prior to the deadline. Payment must be made by bank transfer.

Payment of the registration fee, the trip fee, and the course materials fee is required upon sign-up to reserve a spot for the student.

Tuition Payment may be made in either one or two installments as per the following schedule:

  1. Annual tuition payment due by April 29th of previous school year.
  2. Semester tuition payment due by April 29th and November 20th.

There is a slight discount for paying tuition annually, as shown in the payment schedule above.

Bank Transfer Information

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Jiyugaoka Branch
(Futsu) # 4700654

Late Fees, Rolling Admissions, Withdrawal, and Expulsion
  1. A Late Fee of 20% will be added to unpaid tuition not received within ten days of the scheduled payment date. No student will be allowed to begin until payment is received before his or her scheduled class-start date.
  2. Attendance for more than one calendar month will necessitate payment for the full yearly tuition. Attendance for less than one calendar month will necessitate payment for half of the yearly tuition. The Registration Fee and Course Materials fee are non-refundable. As families receive notice of relocation of assignments or job transfers, it is necessary to write a notice to inform the office of a child’s last day of attendance. We should receive this at least one month prior to departure.
  3. No refunds for expulsion or withdrawal after one month will be granted.