Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve Tokyo’s international community by providing an academically challenging, creatively stimulating, safe and caring learning environment. Our students are seekers of truth and promoters of compassion; we are co-authors of a future that values equality, global awareness, resilience and responsibility over all else.

Vision Statement

Education at KAIS nurtures the values, attitudes and expectations necessary to effectively shape one’s life and thrive in a complex and uncertain global environment. Student success is limited only by the expectations we have of them, and so our vision to cultivate their personal, social and global skills sets the bar high. Ultimately, KAIS seeks to foster confident, curious and self-fulfilled individuals; to nurture empathetic, welcoming and socially responsible members of the community; and to cultivate future leaders, conscientious and enthusiastic agents of positive change in the world. KAIS students are …

  • We cultivate connection, community and friendship with people across a diverse range of backgrounds, interests and personalities.
  • We exemplify leadership, independence, resilience and responsibility.
  • We are excited about learning and thrive in a collaborative and spirited environment.
  • We explore opportunities for creative expression.
  • We actively engage in the pursuit of truth and knowledge in a conscientious, honest and open-minded way.
  • We demonstrate empathy for fellow human beings and respect for all living things.
  • We approach learning with a sense of confidence, earnestness and humility.
  • We ask questions of the surrounding world, and seek answers to these questions.
  • We appreciate and respect the diversity and complexity of the surrounding world and are committed to making it a better place.