In early May, our students taking Advanced Placement classes will have exams. To the right is a schedule for those exams. Please note that some of the exams will take place during our Golden Week break. Students who are taking an exam on a school day are exempt from attending classes that day. Good luck Llamas!

  • Chemistry, Monday, 5/1, 8am at KAIS
  • Physics 1, Tuesday, 5/2, 12pm at KAIS

  • US History, Friday, 5/5, 8am at KAIS

  • Physics C Mechanics, Monday, 5/8, at 12pm KAIS EMS

  • Calculus BC, Tuesday, 5/9, at 8am at KA Meidaimae

  • Macroeconomics, Wednesday, 5/10, at 12pm KAIS EMS

  • World History, Thursday, 5/11, at 8am at KA Meidaimae

  • Statistics, Thursday, 5/11, at 12pm KAIS EMS

  • Microeconomics, Friday, 5/12 at 8am KAIS EMS

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