On Friday, April 21st, KAIS sent three runners to compete in ISTAA‘s annual Cross Country Meet against students from several other international schools. This 5 kilometer race took place at Arakawasunamachi Mizube along the Arakawa river in East Tokyo. KAIS was represented by 10th grade boys, Kaito Hara, Ryu Yanaka, and Ryo Yanaka.

KAIS has always excelled in this meet, having at least one runner place in the top three of his/her age group. This year was no different.

Ryu placed 7th amongst 10th graders with a good time of 21:42. In the overall high school standings, Ryo placed 2nd with a great time of 19:32 and Kaito’s exceptional time of 18:56 earned him a first place finish.
We are very proud of our three runners and hope their success serves as a catalyst for more participation next year. KAIS’ streak of winning medals at this annual event continues!

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