Since February, students in Tsucchi’s Band Performance class have been working on musical projects that will be on display next week. In this course, each student chose a musical instrument of focus and groups have been collectively working on a performance piece. Students were able to learn a new skill, work collaboratively, and have fun in the process. Llamas who enrolled in this class recently experienced off-site studio rehearsals, where big name bands in the Tokyo music scene also practice. For many of them, this was the first opportunity to create sounds using state-of-the-art equipment, playing both original tunes and cover songs. Now we are preparing for our end of the semester gig on Thursday, June 8th. There will be live performances, recorded original student songs on sale, and live poetry readings from some of the aspiring bards in Laura’s writing class. The concert will start from around 4:30 at KAIS. Parents–if you have time, come see these performances!

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