Howdy Llamas! We hope you all are having a fulfilling and productive summer. Your awesome teachers are back at school this week putting together fun lessons and planning interesting events and trips for the upcoming school year. We’d love to see you, so this year we are organizing a hang-out day. On Thursday, August 17th, we will meet at KAIS at 2pm for an idea gathering discussion with student suggestions for things like clubs, events, policies, and programs (so bring your ideas!) before heading to Odaiba for some fun activities and dinner. Parents: teachers will be supervising until 7:30pm. It is likely that students will continue hanging out beyond that time. If you would like your child to be escorted to the nearest station (Tokyo Teleport) by a teacher at 7:30pm, please contact Tommy. Students: please remember to bring enough money for train fare and food. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your summer adventures!

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