Below are all the important details about the Kyoto Trip. All these details are in the packet we gave out during Open House or sent home with your child last Friday. Please note that the release form must be completed and handed in by Friday, September 29th
We leave on Wednesday, October 11th from Shinagawa Station.  Please meet at 8:30am SHARP.

Meeting Point: Inside the JR gates at the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen South Transfer Gates.

* Move with a sense of urgency! Don’t be late! You’ll get left behind!
* Students need to wear their KAIS T-Shirts!
* If you need to contact teachers, please call us at 070-5564-9932.
* Parents must complete and sign the release form (given out at Open House or to your child directly last Friday) and give it to Chihiro by Friday, September 29th.
* Students may want to bring a bit of extra spending money for souvenirs, drinks, and snacks, but this is completely optional.
* Everything you bring should fit into one backpack. Do NOT bring a large suitcase. It will slow you (and us) down. There will be times when we will need to carry all our stuff for part of the day.

Packing Checklist
o    KAIS T-Shirt (wear on Wednesday morning)
o    4-5 Shirts including A long sleeve shirt
o    2 pairs of pants
o    3-4 pairs of socks
o    Hat
o    1 Hoodie
o   Undergarments
o   Comfortable walking shoes
o   KAIS Student ID
o   Toiletries
o   Medication (if needed)
o   Water bottle
o   Book/music – for the bus and train (No video games!)
o   A notebook and pen
o   A plastic bag for dirty cloths
o   A folding umbrella that fits in your backpack

*Do not bring video games, iPads or computers! PACK LIGHT!

10/11 Wednesday+++++++++++++++
08:30am meet at Shinagawa Station
09:10pm train leaves Shinagawa Station (Hikari 465)
11:45pm arrive at Kyoto Station
12:03pm train leaves Kyoto Station (Miyakoji Rapid)
12:48pm arrive at Nara Station
13:00pm lunch at Hotel Aji-ru Nara
14:15pm Todai-ji Temple, Wakakusa-yama, Kasuga Grand Shrine
17:17pm train leaves Kintetsu Nara Station (Kintetsu Kyoto Rapid)
18:03pm arrive at Kyoto Station
18:30pm dinner at Kyoto Nagomi-kan
21:00pm arrive at Toyoko INN Kyoto Gojyo Omiya
Toyoko INN Kyoto Gojyo Omiya
Address: 〒600-8362 502-5, chudojimae-cho, Nichome, Nishigawa, Gojyo-sagaru, Omiyadori, Simogyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto
Phone: 075-352-1045

10/12 Thursday ++++++++++++++++
07:00am (7am-9:30am) breakfast (buffet style) at hotel
◆ Student-planned Activities ◆
(students will be in separate groups based and plan activities based on their interests)
18:00pm dinner at Gion Maruyama Kagaribi
21:00pm arrive at Toyoko INN Kyoto Gojyo Omiya

10/13 Friday ++++++++++++++++++++
07:00am (7am-9:30am) breakfast (buffet style) at hotel
09:00am leave hotel (chartered bus)
09:45am Ukimido (lake biwa)
11:00am Mount Hiei Enryakuji (Zazen Meditation)
12:00pm have lunch at Mount Hiei Enryakuji (Shojin Food)
12:26pm leave Kyoto Station (Nozomi 234)
17:43pm arrive at Shinagawa Station

Students will be released at Shinagawa Station. If you are coming to pick your child up, please let us know by contacting Misako (

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