We have a correction regarding our meeting point at Tokyo Station on the first and last day of our Sendai Trip. We are meeting at B1 Dojin Square in Tokyo Station (near the Marunouchi Underground South Gate). We will hand out the new map to students, so please check it.

+++ Itinerary +++

Wednesday, October 10th
8:30 Meeting at Dorin Square in Tokyo Station
09:24  Shinkansen leaves Tokyo Station (Yamabiko 131)
11:14  Arrive at Sendai Statio
11:30 – 16:00 Explore in Aoba-Jyo
17:00  Leave Sendai Station
17:38  Arrive at Sakunami Station
17:45  Arrive at Iwamatsu Ryokan
18:00 Dinner at Ryokan
Night Time Activity (Student-Teacher Showcase)
23:00  Lights Out

Thursday, October 11th
07:00 – 8:45  Breakfast
09:00   Leave Iwamatsu Ryokan
10:00  Yamadera hiking
12:45  Lunch at Fumotoya Cafeteria
13:30  Leave Yamadera
14:45  Akiho Waterfall (Haiku Reading)
15:30  Leave Akiu Waterfall
16:00  Arrive at Akiu Onsen
18:00 Dinner at Ryokan
Night Time Activity (Evening Stroll)
23:00  Lights Out
Friday, October 12th
07:00 – 08:00  Breakfast
09:00  Bus leaves from Akiu Onsen
11:00  Arrive at Ishinomaki, Listen to stories from survivors
12:00  Leave Ishinomaki
12:45 – 14:30 Lunch and free time in Matsushima
15:00  Departure Matsushima Coast
15:40  Arrive at Shiogama Harbor
16:30  Arrive at Sendai Station
17:43  Departure Sendai Station (Yamabiko 154)
19:48  Arrive at Tokyo Station

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