On Friday, March 22nd we will head to Nakameguro Park at lunchtime for our annual KAIS Hanami Potluck Picnic. Spring is springing early this year, so we expect the sakura to be popping off at that point. Each student should bring some food to share with classmates, preferably finger food (food that does not require utensils to eat). In an ideal world, this food would be prepared at home by our band of responsible young adults, and should not become a homework assignment for their hardworking, selfless parents. Compromise you say? We love that idea! Perhaps preparing food to share with others can, in-and-of-itself, become a shared experience between parent and child. After all, roughly 75% of the time we spend together with our children happens in the first 18 years of their lives. Might as well manifest as many moments together as they’ll allow while they’re still under the same roof!

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