Hello! I am Michael Ng (pronounced Ung) from Singapore/Malaysia. I have been teaching at international schools for more than a decade and have lived in Malaysia, Yokohama, Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore. It has been a great adventure; my family and I are loving every bit of our overseas journey! My teaching experience includes coordinating IGCSE Science and IB MYP Math/Science. AP Chemistry is new to me but I am excited to get it assimilated into my skill set. Besides imparting knowledge and content, I hope to teach skills, processes and inquiry methods. I believe in developing and equipping inquirers and life-long learners. Once a learner has the academic foundations, approaches to learning and learning principles, he or she will be able to master any specialized knowledge, concepts or skills. As I begin my educational journey in KAIS, I look forward to getting to know you all better.

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