In early November, KAIS teachers, students, and community members will head to the iconic Mt. Takao in west Tokyo for a day of hiking and sightseeing. We may even get the chance to see some autumnal foliage if we are lucky.  Mt. Takao is home to several shrines and temples, including the historical Yakuōin Temple on the summit. There are plenty of places to get food, drinks, and souvenirs along the way. Hikers will be encouraged to stay together, but we will allow groups to go at their own pace if they want to move faster or slower than the pack, which will include several of the teachers’ small children. This event is entirely free, but attendees should bring enough money for train fare and food. We will meet at Takao San Guchi Station at 10:00 am on Saturday, November 9th. Please be on time, and please note that Takao San Guchi Station is on the Keio Line; Takao Station is one stop away on the JR line.

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