We got through the first week of our Distance Learning Program. Thank you to our students, parents, and teachers for being flexible and maintaining a positive mindset as we collectively navigate this very unique situation. We will need to continue to be malleable in the weeks ahead, and we appreciate how willing everyone has been to adapt thus far. Here are some updates and changes to the DLP:
  • We will continue to use Google Hangouts for in-class chats but will use the Hangouts extension, Google Meet, for class lectures, presentations, and discussions. Most teachers intend to use Google Meet to take digital roll call at the start of each lesson. The reason we are making this change is Google Meet allows for more people to participate in a video conference. If you are not sure how to use Google Meetplease watch this tutorial. Still not clear? Contact Lewis.
  • We want to remind students that, while they are learning from home, the KAIS school code of conduct is still in play. Now, more than ever, we need to be exemplary responsible digital citizens. Please be in class on time. Have your camera on and be sitting in front of it. Unless otherwise instructed, have your microphone on as well, so you can participate in class discussions. If your bedroom is too distracting, do not use it as a learning space during class time. Be in a place with reliable wifi for your lessons. Dress appropriately for lessons. Avoid having windows or chats open that are irrelevant to the lesson open during class time. Avoid snacking during discussions. Imagine you sharing a classroom space with your teachers and your classmates and act accordingly.

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