This year, the SLPTCs (student-led parent/teacher conferences) will hopefully take place as scheduled but with adjustments in light of our extended physical absences from school. In addition to the usual format of students explaining to their parents their classes, grades and performance, each session will also serve as a general check-in between teachers and families. Students should still expect to lead the discussion but each session will be extended (15 minutes compared to 10 minutes last year) to give time for wider-ranging discussions as needed. Wednesday afternoon time slots will be made available to account for the increased time. Additionally, on Thursday and Friday, families seeking to check in with school counselor Ansophie will be able to do so. Depending on demand, these sessions may have to be limited in time and scope, prioritizing those students who have had previous sessions with her. As was the case last year, 12th grade students who have previously attended SLPTCs can elect not to participate this year. We will ask new 12th grade students and their families to participate, however.

Please check your SLPTC schedule in the email “SLPTC Schedule for Students and Parents” we sent out yesterday and confirm the date and time by filling out the form. If you haven’t, please do so by Monday, April 6th.  This is mandatory for all the parents.

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