We  hope everyone had a restful and healthy break. We made some adjustments to the Distance Learning Program that will go into effect this week. We will continue to make adjustments to the program to optimize our students’ learning experience, which is why your feedback is so important. You can still fill out our anonymous DLP feedback survey here.

Tuesday Homeroom Check-ins and Build-a Skill
On Tuesdays at 9:45 AM we will have brief check-ins in small groups. We will have discussions on various topics, from current events to pop culture, and engage in a project called Build-a-Skill. What is Build-a Skill? This self-directed program will give students weekly opportunities to independently build an academic, creative, or physical skill that they are interested in. Students will be asked to keep track of their progress and show evidence of their learning in our weekly homeroom check-ins on Tuesday mornings. Whether it’s learning to play guitar, speak a new language, tie knots, edit short films, code, or more – now is a great chance to flex your curiosity and passion!

Here are the homeroom groups that students will work with on the Build-a-Skill project.

Daichi Sato
Tsukasa Kushida
Reed Kilday
Momo Fiedler
Alira Hunt
Shion Kai

John Long
Bryan Chen
Rei Koyama
Bryant Carl
Mikayla Conners
Nattawat Kongjinda

Jasper Tippett
Maya Martinez
Gakuto Kondo
Kai Dewey
Katelyn Chen

Emi Plapis
Boris Van Till
Noa Fabrot
David Toyama
Anri Furukawa
Rimako Matsumoto

Yuna Song
Yutetsu Horaceck
Saaya Nakada
Ume Lugasi
Kako Watanabe

Taro Davis
Reina Akiyama
Lekima Yakuden
Joshua Noda-Hines
Reiya Mitsuhashi
Suzuka Murakami

Leo Knudsen
Ema Yellen
Dalton Carl
Affan Razik
Danny Sato
Ava Hunt

Joshua Karpelowitz
Sena Yanaka
Riko Fuji
Andrew Wang
Chloe Lee

Miu Ono
Shuto Tanaka
Shuma Kataoka
Taiga Katayama
Lukas Naegerl
Oryna Kharchenko

Ben Martinez
Andy Knudsen
Fionn Whelehan
Sarah Burr
Hibiki Ichihara

Japanese Class
On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the native and beginner classes will be split by level.

1st Period – 11/12 native Japanese or Study Hall
2nd Period – 11/12 beginning Japanese or Study Hall
3rd Period – 9/10 native Japanese or Study Hall
4th Period – 9/10 beginning Japanese or Study Hall

The Thursday and Friday Japanese schedule remains the same as before, wherein students are grouped by grade.
Friday classes will focus more on learning about Japanese culture, history, and traditions than language acquisition. Students should reread the schedules in the DLP document very carefully and should check their inboxes for a message from Tsuchi regarding these changes.

As previously stated, we will continue to reimagine and implement changes to this program as we continue to operate under the DLP. Thank you for your cooperation and feedback.

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