This week we added weekly homeroom check-ins and the Build-a-Skill project to our Distance Learning Plan. Build-a-Skill encompasses three domains–academic, creative, and physical–from which students will choose a particular skill they want to develop. Students were given a presentation in homeroom on Tuesday with some suggestions and examples, and should know what they want to focus on for this project going into next Tuesday. We look forward to the unique and creative paths our students take through engaging in this project, and will showcase some of their work here in the KAIS News.
On Tuesday, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared a state of emergency in several prefectures, including Tokyo, asking businesses, schools, and individuals to reduce contact with others and stay home as much as possible until May 6th. Japan has avoided the large number of COVID-19 cases and deaths that have prompted lockdowns in other countries, but there is growing concern over the rise in infections here in Tokyo, particularly among young people. We want to encourage everyone in our community to comply with the government’s request and take measures to reduce the risk of catching or spreading this dangerous virus. Here is some good information about how Tokyo will be affected while under a state of emergency.

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