It is strange to think of commuting to work as a form of exercise and perhaps even stranger to need to fill in that missing component with the latest YouTube workout video. We are here to help you fill that void with some fun and perhaps unconventional ways to turn your ordinary activities into workouts. Here are some ideas:
-Get dressed while standing on one foot.
-Mop the floor by hand with a towel instead of using a mop.
-Don’t walk the dog, run the dog.
-Take the stairs instead of using the elevator, especially if you’re hauling groceries.
-Have a dance party.
-Learn a new dance move, such as the original running man.
-Rearrange the living room.
-Watch a Jackie Chan movie and copy all the moves as you watch.
-Play basketball with your socks and a laundry basket.
Disclaimer: KAIS does not take responsibility for any pulled muscles, broken windows, hurt pride, or any other damage that may occur as a result of trying these suggestions. Enjoy!

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