This week’s recipe comes from everybody’s favorite Japanese teacher. Here is a little background about the dish’s family history from Tsuchi Sensei:
A recipe my grandmother handed down to me is Cha-Bushi (茶節), a traditional instant soup and a staple among Kagoshima’s fishermen. It’s also very easy to make! My great-grandfather was a captain on a fishing boat. He gave this recipe to my grandmother and she gave it to me. Fishermen’s mornings begin early, so instead of having a full breakfast, they used to drink this soup before going out to the sea. In my grandmother’s later years, when I was an elementary school kid, she started peddling dry bonito (katsuobushi) which is the famous product of her homeland Makurazaki, Kagoshima. She never returned home after getting married. Katsuobushi might have been a way for her to feel connected to that place. And she often took me around our town while peddling her wares. This soup reminds me of many good times spent with her.


  • a handful of dry bonito flakes (katsuobushi; this is the amount that usually comes in small packets)
  • one large spoonful of miso
  • chives (if you like chives)
  • 150-180ml of hot water

Just put a handful (small packet) of dry katsuobushi and one large spoonful of miso into a soup cup, and pour in 150-180ml of hot water.
That’s all. Enjoy!

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