KAIS Community Yoga Online
KAIS is excited to announce our new virtual yoga platform! We are now providing yoga sessions that are open and available to the entire KAIS Community! This means that all students, alumni, families, and teachers can engage in online yoga sessions together.  Our experienced yoga teacher Em will guide you through mindful breathing, movement, and yoga poses that incorporate concentration and focus techniques. These hour-long yoga sessions designed to reduce stress, promote strength, and self-esteem. And–it doesn’t matter if you are new to yoga; the classes are open for everyone at every level. No yoga props are necessary to join, but you can practice on a towel or a mat if you have one in your home. The main reasons we are offering these classes to everyone is to promote communty-wide health and to bring our community closer together while the situation demands that we physically distance ourselves. Em looks forward to practicing with you all!

KAIS Community Yoga with Em will take place during the times and dates listed below.

Thursdays 5.00pm-6.00pm
Please mark your calendar for KAIS Community Yoga!

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