Some Gentle Reminders
We were really impressed with our students’ approach to returning to school this week. As expected, there are a few things we’d like to improve upon, and some things we’d like to make students and parents aware of.

  • Please be sure to take your temperature and record it every day before coming to KAIS. Students have been given stickers to insert into their planners to record this information. We are trusting you to follow this protocol at home before leaving.
  • Please always have headphones with you, even for lessons that take place on campus. To avoid feedback issues and distractions during lessons, we are asking that all students bring headphones that are compatible with the computer they are using for their lessons.
  • Don’t forget to bring your lunch and a plastic bag for your lunch waste. Many of our students have grown used to our open campus lunch policy, which we intend to reinstate when the time comes. For now, students need to take that extra step in the morning to either make something or buy something on the commute. If this adds too much stress to each morning, we suggest signing up for our new lunch program. Details below.
  • While we are allowing phones during lunchtime on campus, students should have their phones off and in their bags during all times outside of lunch.

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