We have a great line-up of classes being offered during Creative Studies this school year. Check out the course descriptions below. Other new courses KAIS students will have the opportunity to take include Intro to Psychology and Leadership. We will go over course content for these new classes during orientation and at Open House with parents.

Yoga (Em Bettinger)
Yoga encourages self-understanding by addressing the connection between the body and the mind. All students are encouraged to explore the full potential of their bodies and recognize how to make change through physical poses on the mat. Through breathing exercises, students develop concentration and relieve stress. Each class is designed to be playful, challenging within a non-competitive environment, and an overall happy experience.

Robotics (Lewis, 1st Semester Only)
Once again we are offering Robotics as a class, as well as an after school club. In this class, students design, program, build and drive their own robots. Members will also have the opportunity to compete against other international schools in the Vex Robot Tournaments in Tokyo and Taiwan. The Robotics program provides a great chance for students to get creative with some hands-on building and learn the basics of robotics and programming.

Music Performance (Tsucchi Sensei)
In this class students will form a band while learning valuable communication and group management skills. This class is not designed for students to learn music theory or specific techniques, though basic skills will be covered for each instrument. We will instead focus on how to play music as a band, selecting songs the students choose. Of course, students can try making original songs in the class as well. The final grade will be based on two projects. One is a live performance of one or more songs, and the other is making a recorded music compilation using proper recording equipment. Last year, three bands started as beginners but gave a great concert and finished an album by the end of the year. One band showcased their original song at the KAIS gig. On several occasions, we will visit a professional music studio to practice. Once again, beginners are welcome. Let’s enjoy playing music together!

Programming and Applications
(Lewis, 2nd Semester Only)
This course will focus on the applications of computer programming in robotics. The basics concepts of programming will be covered, including, algorithms, loops, conditionals, and events. These concepts will be combined with a project-based learning approach. The basics of electronics and robotics will also be covered with the ultimate goal of building a responsive robot to accomplish a specific task.

Pop-Up Art (Kyoko)
Pop-up books are not only for children! In this class students will learn the basics of book structures and a few different styles of paper folding by making samples. Building from these basics, students will then choose to make a four-page pop-up book or a set of gift cards.

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