At the start of this school year, KAIS adopted nine culture words that reflect who our students are and aim to be. Those words are: welcoming, principled, enthusiastic, imaginative, industrious, compassionate, assertive, curious, and global-minded. We are using this space in the KAIS News to honor students who are exemplary in these departments. The culture word we are focusing on this week is WELCOMING, and, while many of our students are demonstrative of this quality, Taro Davis has been selected as the KAIS Culture Ambassador. Always among the first to arrive and the last to leave school, Taro is a noticeable presence at KAIS. He makes sure to foster positive interactions with his teachers, classmates, and younger students. He actively engages with guests and new students. As a member of the Student Council, Taro listens to his peers and puts student-generated ideas into action. Congratulations, Taro, on being named the Welcoming KAIS Culture Ambassador. Stay tuned to this section of the KAIS News as more students are selected to represent the other KAIS Culture Words.

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