Chris Colucci, a former PE teacher at KAIS, is known for encouraging students by reminding them that it’s not that they “have to” do certain things; rather they “get to” do those things. Among the things that we all get to do currently is spend more time with our families and spend more time in the kitchen. To help fill that time, here is an easy recipe for candied mixed nuts. (Apologies to members of the community with nut allergies.)

100-200g of mixed nuts
A half cup of sugar (more or less to suit your sweet tooth)
A teaspoon or so of spice, if you like (cinnamon, curry powder, chili powder if you dare)

Saucepan or frying pan (stainless steel works well)
Large spoon for stirring
A bowl or tupperware for storing the nuts

First, place the sugar and nuts into the pan. If you decide to add spice, blend the spice and sugar before adding the nuts. Turn the fire to low, just enough so that the flame is touching the pan. Stir the mixture continuously until the sugar dissolves and coats the nuts. Stirring constantly is necessary so the sugar does not burn. Once the sugar has melted, place the candied nuts in a bowl and let them cool. Shuffle them around a bit so that large clusters are broken up. For a chewy texture, eat immediately. For a crunchy texture, wait until the nuts have completely cooled – if you can wait that long.

If you have a recipe you would like to share wit the KAIS Community, let us know! Send your recipes to Tommy and we will publish it here in the recipe corner of the KAIS News.

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