It has been over two weeks since the government declared a state of emergency here in Tokyo. We hope everyone in our community has been staying healthy, informed, and healthily informed. Nurse Sachiko Samata from KAIS EMS compiled a list of useful contacts related to COVID-19, as call centers for foreign residents have recently been activated. Please keep this information handy. Next week, the KAIS Board will meet and announce whether we will return after Golden Week or proceed to operate under the Distance Learning Program. While we all are eagerly awaiting the day when everything can return to “normal”, this decision will be made taking the latest information and everyone’s health and safety into account.

A quick note to students about cameras and attendance: if your teacher requests that you all turn your cameras on, the expectation is that you will keep your camera on and pointed at your face for the duration of the lesson. Turning your camera off or pointing it away from your face will impact your attendance grade. Parents, please reiterate this point at home. Thank you in advance for your compliance.

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