On Thursday Morning, Tryone Jones joined our classes to discuss the value of building resiliency, overcoming obstacles, and making the most of any given set of circumstances. Tyrone spoke about this not only as a general life skill but also relate it to the coaching practice. He provided realistic case studies that we worked on as a group to solve, putting our students in “coach’s shoes” in situations where creativity and resourcefulness are needed. Tyrone Jones’s immense level of passion and tenacious resolve brings out the best in everyone he works with. He holds his master’s in exercise science, specializes in performance enhancement and injury prevention, and is currently the Head Strength Coach for the Japan National Short Track Speed Skating Team. He is also avid in his own athletic pursuits, playing American football in Japan’s X League. Tyrone works tirelessly to motivate and spread positivity. His mission is to always be a cultivator of conviction, a catalyst for meaningful change, and to inspire greatness in the world. We can’t thank Tryone enough for joining our classrooms this week!

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